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Just a few of the services, software and a couple of pieces of hardware I use to keep up with myself. Listed alphabetically (kind of), not by importance.

Cable – Ok, I cut the cord in 2009, replaced with Netflix and Amazon Instant Video primarily. I have Hulu Plus but find that I rarely use it. The piece of hardware that keeps this simple mind of mine entertained? None other than the Roku. Maybe Chromecast will catch up one of these days.

Evernote – Well sometimes I use Evernote but I have had a hard time really integrating this piece of software into everyday life. Whenever I am trying to put together a bunch of sights to see on vacation or put together a list of products I want to buy, I will often use Evernote.  Evernote can also be quite useful for capturing the full text of articles using their Clearly browser plugin. Google Keep is pretty nice as well and integrates with Google Drive, another favorite of mine.

Feedly – I read a lot…probably too much. While I am still not happy about Googles’ decision to shutter Google Reader, Feedly has come through and created quite the capable RSS/Atom reader.

Google Drive – I really can’t think of day for quite some time where I have NOT used Google Drive. I teach all or most of my classes, sync all of my files, share files, create contact forms, compile spreadsheets and save the world all with GDrive . Long gone are the days of Dropbox….sorry Dropbox 🙁

Hootsuite – If you need to control multiple social networking accounts there is really nothing as capable and as reasonably priced as Hootsuite.

Kindle – Again, Amazon’s Kindle makes it easy to get my reading fix. And, with the Send to Kindle for Google Chrome Extension I can send any interesting content to my Kindle right from my browser. There is also a Push to Kindle app for Android that works swellingly.

Mendeley – If you are a involved in research in any substantial way, Mendeley is the go to piece of software to manage references and papers. You can also join my Sport and Exercise Science Research Round-Up group on Mendeley.

Sportably – As the co-owner and co-founder of Sportably I had to put a shameless plug here for my favorite athlete monitoring system.

Spotify – Nothing better out there for music. Long gone are the days of Pandora.