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Gentry Creek Hike

This is one of my favorite hikes in the area. Looking forward to going back when the weather is a bit warmer.

The demands of a single elimination collegiate tennis tournament

This article was originally published at Sport Performance & Science Reports. Click here for the original PDF and if you are feeling nerdy, click here for the raw data and here for the stats. This was published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution...

Murph in a Little Snow

It is crazy how big Murphy is getting. While it was only a little dusting, Murph enjoyed his first bit of snow.

Discrepancies about Discrepancies – A Response from Jacob Wilson

Since the formal back and forth in journals requires more patience than I often have, I decided to put a bit of commentary together here. The following includes the response from Jacob Wilson to our letter published in Nutrition & Metabolism. The response from...

Sylva, NC

We were there for the Southern Conference volleyball tournament, but it was a nice excuse to spend a few days in the…

Saving Money with DPC

Dr. Chad Savage presents as point by point analysis of the third party payer model versus DPC. In his comedic style…

Park Time

The entire family getting some plays in at the park. So much fun to watch Murphy grow up (quickly) with his big sister.

Meet Murphy

Meet Murphy, our new family member! I told Christy, “once you have a Great Dane, you will never want another kind of dog.”

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