Bright and Sunny

The beach is the best way to keep these Dane babies cool during the Taiwan summer. On a nice calm day they will spend hours floating around with their mom ;)

Intense Sunsets

Along the northwest-ish coast of Taiwan facing the Taiwan Strait, you can take in some intense and quite stunning sunsets.

My Beach Babes

I don’t know if there are a couple of ladies that enjoy the beach more. Who has the best hair? Taken with the Panasonic S5 and their 24-105mm lens.

Handsome Boy

The shot above is one of my favorite pics of Murphy. Here he has just finished burying his face in the sand 😉 Just another day at the beach with…

The Wife and a Sunset

The beautiful wife enjoying a sunset at the beach. At low tide, this spot is one of our favorites.

Sad Super Hot Noodles

This is one of my favorite signs in Taipei! We haven't eaten here yet, but we pass this little restaurant frequently as we enter the Shilin Station.


Early last week we piled the dogs in the car and drove down to Kenting (墾丁). Unfortunately, for a couple of reasons, we were only able...

A Bit Creepy

As Taiwan institutes ridiculous mask mandates and restricts outdoor activity, they have also closed many beaches.

Yes, More Beach

Back to Shalun beach and what a pleasant day. It wasn’t too hot or windy, the clouds provided the pups (and us) with some relief from the sun, and as…