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First release of 2012

Last night we pushed out a nice release that should speed up the process of recording and/or planning training days. When we released the training log system back in October last year, it was the first step of a much larger goal...

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Training Log Released

We are pretty excited to announce that a couple of days ago we released the first version of the Training Log component of Sportably. While it is far from complete, the features included in this first Training Log release should...

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Sportably’s Game Plan

Since releasing Sportably into beta several months ago, membership is growing steadily and we have received a lot of great feedback from athletes, practitioners and clinicians around the globe. Before you stop accidentally...

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Sportably in Beta

After a few research hours, a pile of mockups and a few months of night-time coding, we are happy to announce that Sportably is in public beta. This first release was aimed at accomplishing a couple of specific goals. 1. Provide...

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