We have been to the Qingtiangang Grasslands on Yangmingshan previously, but it is a great place for Murphy and Kona to explore.

Everyday is a Beach Day

In one of the most densely populated cities in the world one minute, and on a more-or-less empty beach the next minute.

Mom and Pups Beach Time

Nothing like momma and pups spending time at the beach together. Not sure which of the three is the bigger beach bum.

Those Eyebrows

One of my favorite things about Kona is those gray and oh-so expressive eyebrows. And at nearly 6 years old, she is pretty as ever.

Birthday Rain

A few days ago we went up to Jiufen for Christy's birthday weekend. While Jiufen was too touristy for our taste and it rained most of...

The Qingtiangang Grasslands

A couple of weeks ago we made it up to the Qingtiangang Grasslands (擎天崗大草原) in the Yangmingshan National Park (陽明山國家公園).

The Weekend

What an enjoyable weekend exploring the neighborhood, hanging out at the river and letting the pups run around at the beach!

Morning Sun

Murphy just catching some morning sun. He probably could have stayed there for hours if the robovac had not interrupted him.

Yengfing Dog Park

Taipei does an excellent job integrating parks and other spaces into their flood mitigation efforts. Here is one of our favorites, Yengfing...