Xiaoliuqiu for a Few Days

Last week we finally made it off the main island for the first time in almost 2 years. While we didn’t go far, it was nice to get out of Taipei and explore the island and waters of Xiaoliuqiu.

Heading Home

None of us were ready to leave Chisang, including Murph & Ko. But on the way back we made a couple of fun stops; one being the Qingshui Cliff. We have been to cliff a couple of times, but it's always worth a visit. And in our experience, almost guaranteed to see monkeys (no pics unfortunately).

Coffee and Dinner

Our last full day in Chisang and we found a couple of great treats. First was an excellent little coffee shop. Second, and certainly what became a pleasant surprise, was…

Taitung for an Afternoon

During our stay in Chisang we piled in the car and made our way through the mountains to the coast. The day was cool and overcast, but we enjoyed a…

Beautiful Chisang

We had the chance to head south during the Tomb Sweeping holiday. Chisang was our destination and simply put, it was stunning. Located in Taitung County with mountain ridges to…

My Favorite Coconut

My wife sipping on a coconut and soaking up some early year sun. Taken with the Panasonic S5 and 24-105mm lens. Check out the location on the map below.

Spring Has Sprung

With what seemed like a month straight of rainy weather, the sun is out and the days are getting warmer. What better way to enjoy the day than a visit…

Murphs New Favorite Toy

The beach isn’t always the cleanest, and for Murphy this is part of the appeal. Sometimes you forget how big he is until he grabs a tire and starts running…

Kona In Black and White

Kona is slowing down these days, but this gray face keeps getting sweeter with age. She became part of the family in 2015 while we lived in Savannah, GA. Still…

Bright and Sunny

The beach is the best way to keep these Dane babies cool during the Taiwan summer. On a nice calm day they will spend hours floating around with their mom ;)