• An Executive Order and Testosterone

    An Executive Order and Testosterone

    This is part 1 of a series focusing on transgender women in sport. An executive order and the stickiness of testosterone. According to my Twitter feed, we live in a time where systemic injustices abound and are said to require convoluted societal re-engineering to correct. Interestingly, the same individuals discovering injustices around every corner, also act as if complex and stubborn disparities produced by biological systems can be eliminated with a nod from a physician. Fortunately for the rest of us, biological maturation produces many persistent characteristics. Enter executive orders, the transgender sport debate, and the source of all evil,…

  • Xiaoliuqiu for a Few Days

    Xiaoliuqiu for a Few Days

    Last week we finally made it off the main island for the first time in almost 2 years. While we didn’t go far, it was nice to get out of Taipei and explore the island and waters of Xiaoliuqiu.

  • Heading Home

    Heading Home

    None of us were ready to leave Chisang, including Murph & Ko. But on the way back we made a couple of fun stops; one being the Qingshui Cliff. We have been to cliff a couple of times, but it’s always worth a visit. And in our experience, almost guaranteed to see monkeys (no pics unfortunately).

  • Coffee and Dinner

    Coffee and Dinner

    Our last full day in Chisang and we found a couple of great treats. First was an excellent little coffee shop. Second, and certainly what became a pleasant surprise, was one of the best meals we have had in Taiwan. Perhaps it was the locally sourced bacon smoked on site bathing in soup broth that did it for me 😉 All shot with the Panasonic S5 and their 24-105mm lens. Check out the map at the bottom of the post to explore the location.