Author: Jeremy Gentles

The demands of a single elimination collegiate tennis tournament

This article was originally published at Sport Performance & Science Reports. Click here for the original PDF and if you are feeling nerdy, click here for the raw data and here for the stats. This was published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The demands of a single elimination collegiate tennis tournament Jeremy A. Gentles (1), Christine L. Coniglio (1), Michael T. Mahnken (2), Joshua M. Morgan (2), Matthew M. Besemer (2), Christopher J. MacDonald (3) East Tennessee State University, Department of Sport, Exercise, Recreation and Kinesiology, Johnson City, Tennessee Armstrong State University, Department of Health...

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John Ioannidis on Statistical Significance, Economics, and Replication – From EconTalk

John Ioannidis of Stanford University talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about his research on the reliability of published research findings. They discuss Ioannidis’s recent study on bias in economics research, meta-analysis, the challenge of small sample analysis, and the reliability of statistical significance as a measure of success in empirical research....

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Discrepancies about Discrepancies – A Response from Jacob Wilson

Since the formal back and forth in journals requires more patience than I often have, I decided to put a bit of commentary together here. The following includes the response from Jacob Wilson to our letter published in Nutrition & Metabolism. The response from Jacob Wilson is written in plain text and my responses are accented with a gray background (you know, because they are important ;). If you have already read the response, feel free to skip on to my comments. Enjoy! Response to discrepancies in publications related to HMB-FA and ATP supplementation by Jacob M. Wilson, Nutrition &...

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