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Jeremy Gentles

Sport Scientist & Assistant Professor

I’m Jeremy, sport scientist, professor, dog lover, and a bit-of-a-dabbler. For more than a decade I have mentored students and worked with youth, advanced and elite athletes from a variety of sports. I enjoy developing athletes, I have published a bit and like to run my mouth in class and at conferences. You see more of my personal side below.

Saint Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a madhouse in Savannah but just north in Hilton Head is a slower pace for us old folks!

My favorite two lumps on a log

The don’t look like lumps, but these two are certainly my two favorite lumps on a log. She will follow her mom anywhere. 

Hilton Head and Blufton

Almost Christmas and spending time at the beach with my best friends. Blufton is a great little town and Hilton Head…

The Florida Keys

We are extremely fortunate to have such easy access to the waters of the Florida Keys. Was a great trip with my ladies.

Wassaw Island

The morning started off with some rough weather but the fog made for great backdrop. Wassaw Island is amazing!

Beaufort and Atlantic Beach

Beaufort is a charming little town. There is a lot of history, great food, wild horses, excellent beaches…

A little wine and design

We both know who paints the best trees! Never claimed to be all that artistic but little miss Coniglio is missing that gene.

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