Episode 11 – Do researchers discriminate against females in exercise science research?

Jan 30, 2022 | Tea with Dr.G

It is sometimes assumed and has been argued, albeit not very well, that investigators are biased against including females in exercise science research. What evidence is there of this bias? Sure, there are identifiable sex differences in participation rates, but does this suggest something nefarious? Or, is there something(s) more benign that may explain the disparity between male and female participation? These are a few of the areas we discuss on episode 11 with Dr. Jim Nuzzo.

Jim Nuzzo is Head of Exercise Science Research at Vitruvian and Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Medical and Health Science at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. He can be followed on Twitter @JamesLNuzzo. Personal website: www.jameslnuzzo.com

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