The Qingtiangang Grasslands

A couple of weeks ago we made it up to the Qingtiangang Grasslands (擎天崗大草原) in the Yangmingshan National Park (陽明山國家公園). While the weather wasn’t great, the fog rolling in and out was beautiful, and the drizzle kept the crowds away on what would have been a busy Chinese New Year monrning. The dogs also had a blast roaming through the tall grasses and playing (mostly eating) with water buffalo poo. Unfortunately, the water buffalo managed to evade us this time around. 🙁

On a sunny day the Qingtiangang Grasslands are definitely on our list for a return trip! We are also new to this video thing, so look for these videos to improve in the future.

All shot with the Panasonic S5, Panasonic LUMIX S 24-105mm lens and Deity V-Mic D4 Duo Microphone.

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