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Read, Listen, Watch

Here are a few of the most interesting and entertaining things I have been reading, listening to and watching over the last week or so.


Effectiveness, Proportionality and Deterrence – Does criminalizing doping deliver?

Not much on the “reads” list this past week. Too many dissertations to read! 


EconTalk – Venkatesh Rao on Waldenponding

From Legion of Skanks – Not one for the easily offended 😉
  • Ep. 439 – Wild Comedy – Joe Rogain & Tondy Hinchcliffe
  • Ep. 440 – Hand vs Luis – Josh Adam, Meyers & Jeremiah Watkins
From Part of the Problem
  • Ep. 504 – Joashua Smith for LP Chair
  • Ep. 505 – Worst Plan Ever – Can’t disagree here. Elizabeth Warren is an assclown.
From the Tom Woods show From The Peter Schiff Podcast


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