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Here are a few of the most interesting and entertaining things I have been reading, listening to and watching over the last week or so.


Why are Jamaicans the fastest runners in the world? – This is not much of a read but in this excerpt by Tyler Cowen, he discusses the soon to be released book, The Confounding Island: Jamaica and the Postcolonial Predicament. It will be interesting to read the chapter/section on the success of Jamaican sprinters.

What Powerlifting Tells Us About The Effects Of PEDs

The case for and against harm reduction approaches to drugs in sport

The spirit of sport: the case for criminalisation of dopingin the UK

Doping In Sports – Cheating Or Leveling Of The Playing Field?

Fighting doping through sport redesign

Summers on the Wealth Tax
This is more of a summary of a video but highlighted on this page is a great line from Summers.

“When you put workers in control of firms and you give them substantial control–see Israeli kibbutz’s, see Yugoslav cooperatives, see universities where faculties have a powerful voice–the one thing you do not get is expansion. You get more for the people who are already there. That does not seem to be an attractive position for progressives.”


From Legion of Skanks – Not one for the easily offended 😉

  • Ep. 437 – Gun In The Butt – Dan Soder
  • Ep. 438 – Gun In The Butt – Part DOO – This is one of the funniest damn things I have every listened to or watched!

From Part of the Problem.

  • Ep. 501 – Jeff Deist, of th Mises Institute
  • Ep. 502 – Libertarianism Rebunked – Great review of the the Non-Aggresssion Principle (NAP) and also a foundational principle of libertarianism.
  • Ep. 503 – Baghdadi Dead, Nothing Changes

From the Tom Woods show

From EconTalk


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