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Becoming an effective strength and conditioning practitioner requires the development of a professional skills set and a thorough understanding of the scientific basis of best practice. Aimed at advanced students and beginning practitioners, this book explores the latest scientific evidence and applies it to exercise selection and programming choices across the full range of functional areas in strength and conditioning, from strength and power to speed and agility.

With coverage of data analysis and performance feedback, both vital skills for the contemporary strength and conditioning coach, this concise but sophisticated textbook is the perfect bridge from introductory study to effective professional practice. Written by experts with experience in a wide variety of sports, its chapters are enhanced by extensive illustrations and address key topics such as:

  • fitness testing and data analysis
  • developing strength and power
  • motor skill acquisition and development
  • strategies for competition priming
  • monitoring training load, fatigue and recovery.

Advanced Strength and Conditioning: An Evidence-based Approach is a valuable resource for all advanced students and practitioners of strength and conditioning and fitness training.

What’s Inside?

1. The Strength and Conditioning Scientist
by Perry Stewart, Paul Comfort and Anthony Turner

Section 1: Developing your Athlete

2. Developing Strength and Power
by Tim Suchomel, Paul Comfort and Michael Stone

3. Stretch-Shortening Cycle and Muscle Tendon Stiffness
by John McMahon

4. Endocrinology and Resistance Training
by Anthony Turner and Christian Cook

5. Training Aerobic Fitness
by Alex Bliss and Rob Harley

6. Repeat Sprint Ability and the Role of High Intensity Interval Training
by Anthony Turner and David Bishop

7. Concurrent Training
by Richard Clarke, Roigo Aspe and Jonathan Hughes

Section 2: Programming and Monitoring for your Athlete

8. Periodisation
by Anthony Turner and Paul Comfort

9. Monitoring Training Load, Fatigue and Recovery
by Tim Gabbett

10. Strategies for Pre-training and Competition Priming
by Mark Russell, Natalie Williams and Liam Kilduff

11. Strategies to Enhance Athlete Recovery
by Emma Cockburn and Phil Bell

12. Fitness Testing and Data Analysis
by John McMahon, Paul Comfort and Anthony Turner

Section 3: Coaching your Athlete

13. Movement Analysis and Corrective Exercise
by Chris Bishop

14. Technical Demands of Strength Training
by Tim Suchomel, John McMahon and Paul Comfort

15. Weightlifting for Sports Performance
by Tim Suchomel and Paul Comfort

16. Demands of Plyometric Training
by Chris Sole

17. Training Change of Direction and Agility
by Sophia Nimphius

18. Speed and Acceleration Training
by Pedro Jiménez-Reyes, Bret Contreras and Jean-Benoît Morin

19. Applied Coaching Science
by Nick Winkelman

Advanced Strength and Conditioning