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The unifying theme of every elite athlete and every spectacular performance is movement. It’s the basis for what we recognize as athleticism. It’s the foundation for athletic skill and the essential ingredient to excellence.

Athletic Movement Skills: Training for Sports Performance sets a new standard for athletic assessment and development. This authoritative work presents proven protocols for evaluating, correcting, training and translating athletic movement to athletic dominance.

Combining the latest science and research with cutting-edge techniques and strategies, Athletic Movement Skills will show you how to

  • develop multidirectional speed and power for any sport and any position,
  • improve jumping and agility with effective plyometric progressions,
  • harness and apply power in critical game or match situations,
  • evaluate and correct posture and body position,
  • reduce injuries and expedite rehabilitation andcreate functional strength p rogressions that will directly translate to on-field performance.

Hundreds of photo sequences and illustrations plus 10 detailed exercise progressions depict how to refine and perfect speed, agility, strength and power-related movements and skills.

Whether you are working with young or experienced, novice or elite athletes, Athletic Movement Skills is a must-have. It is the definitive development guide for anyone serious about sport performance.

Chapter 1 Movement Skill Development
Chapter 2 Understanding Biomotor Abilities
Chapter 3 Patterns of Motor System Development
Chapter 4 Efficiently Controlling Forces: Mechanical Functions of Movement
Chapter 5 Importance of Posture in Athletic Movement
Chapter 6 Evaluating Posture
Chapter 7 Designing a Progressive Curriculum: Considerations for Movement Skill Learning and Physio-Mechanical Training
Chapter 8 Developing Running Speed and Agility Skills
Chapter 9 Developing Jumping and Plyometric Skills
Chapter 10 Developing Functional Strength Progressions
Chapter 11 Applying Principles in Practice

Click here to get Athletic Movement Skills: Training for Sports Performance