hello…i’m jeremy

I am pretty stoked about the Sportably update we pushed out today! First and foremost, Sportably has been rebuilt from the ground up and transitioned to a responsive design. Previously, only the Monitoring section of the site played nice with mobile devices. With this rebuild Sportably will now scale to the screen size you are using, making life easier as you transition between your desktop and mobile devices. Whether you are logging a training session, building a team, or designing your sport science empire, Sportably will work with any modern web browser on any device. Boo-ya! So what else do we have for you as if that were not enough?

  • Upon logging into your account or visiting the Sportably home page after logging in, you will notice that we have built a new dashboard page that should improve site navigation. We are planning for this dashboard to evolve into an area that can be customized and where routine items can be recorded and monitored in a single place.
  • The site header and navigation have taken a more minimalist approach and take up less space in the browser leaving more room for the things that matter.
  • The individual and team monitoring graphs have been given an aesthetic upgrade and look much better on mobile devices as well.
  • You can now export single user and team data that includes session information vs. only totals for the day.
  • Bugs have been squashed…nasty!
  • Perhaps more important, this rebuild will streamline the development process moving forward. We have a long list of features to develop, many of which have come from our users.

Go check it out at sportably.com. As usual, let us know if you experience any problems at questions@sportably.com