hello…i’m jeremy

Last night we pushed out a nice release that should speed up the process of recording and/or planning training days. When we released the training log system back in October last year, it was the first step of a much larger goal to develop a  set of killer tools that would allow athletes to log their training and provide professionals (strength and conditioning coaches and sport scientists) with the ability to create programs and share them with teams and athletes. However, prior to working on the programming portion of the system, there are a number of tweaks and additions that need to be made to the training log side first.

Here  are a couple of the features included in this release to kick off 2012.

Duplicate training days
You can now duplicate a training day to as many days as necessary without searching for and adding each individual session and exercise.

Favorite Exercises
A list of favorite exercises can be created which eliminates the need to search for each exercise you want to add.

Dual Roles
We have received a number of requests to include a dual team role feature (athlete and pro) that allows the team owner or admin to provide team members with an athlete/pro dual role. This along with several other bug fixes have been included in this release.

Thanks for all of your support in 2011! We are planning to release some great features  in 2012 that we hope will provide a much larger audience with the tools they need to properly monitor and develop athletes.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this release or really anything at all, please email us at questions@sportably.com.