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We are pretty excited to announce that a couple of days ago we released the first version of the Training Log component of Sportably. While it is far from complete, the features included in this first Training Log release should provide many of the fundamental components which athletes, coaches and other professionals need to track and monitor both training and daily monitoring variables. So what is included?

What new features are available for athletes or other users interested in tracking their own progress? 

  • Track the sessions exercises you perform each day
  • Track session duration, RPE, heart rate training load and add custom session categories
  • Several types of exercises (strength, speed/agility, endurance, flexibility) can be added to each session
  • Custom exercises can be created if a particular exercise is not already in the database
  • Graph, export and compare training and daily monitoring variables over time (for instance, in a few seconds you can now graph weight training volume load against resting heart rate or body weight over time)

What features are available for coaches, sport scientists and other professionals responsible for athlete development?

  • Training Logs for all athletes on a team can be viewed by the professionals of that team
  • Professionals can also graph, export and compare training and daily monitoring variables for each athlete over time
  • Custom exercises can be created and shared so athletes can then search for and add your custom exercises to their training log.

Example Graph of Volume load (blue) vs. Resting Heart Rate


Example of Exercise Added to Training Log

If you are not registered with Sportably, click here to become a user. If you are already a registered member of Sportably, get started using the new Training Log and let us know what you think in the comments below.

There are many things we plan to add in the near future, but until then, we hope you enjoy the new features. In the next several days we will also release a few tutorial videos to help you get started. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and everything is just as free as it was before ????