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It goes without saying that proper athlete monitoring requires a commitment from both the athlete and their development team. However, one of the most common problems that coaches and sport scientists face is adherence; this applies to both the athlete entering data and the professional accessing information. In order for an athlete monitoring program to be as practical as possible, athletes, coaches, sport scientists and other professionals must be able to access the same athlete monitoring system from multiple devices. If an athlete can wake up, grab their smartphone and easily enter their daily monitoring information quickly, the greater the chance the athlete will adhere to their monitoring program. The same goes for members of an athlete’s development team who are responsible for monitoring the athlete(s).

With that said, tonight we released a mobile version of Sportably which has been optimized for use on mobile devices such iPhones, Android based phones and other smartphones with full html browsers. The touch interface of many of these devices allows athletes to quickly enter their daily monitoring information from wherever they may be. Of course coaches and sport scientist can also utilize the mobile version of Sportably to access and monitor their athletes. In order to access the mobile version of the site, just visit sportably.com/mobile from your mobile device. You can also access sportably.com as usual from your mobile device and the mobile version will load by default.

Another nice addition included in this release is OpenID integration. For all of you who have Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, WordPress or a number of other OpenID or OAuth accounts, you can now login using these accounts as well. If you are already a member of Sportably, you will need to login with your existing account and then access your account settings here to add/manage your OpenID accounts. From then on you will be able to login using any of the accounts you add. If you are a new user creating an account for the first time, you can create a new account using your OpenID login.

Several other small changes have been released including a number of speed and stability improvements as well as improved saving for the Monitoring section. What’s next on the to-do list you ask? The next major improvements will hopefully come in the form of custom monitoring items and a more robust alert system. After that, we have some exciting new developments planned for the summer!

We hope you enjoy this release.