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After a few research hours, a pile of mockups and a few months of night-time coding, we are happy to announce that Sportably is in public beta. This first release was aimed at accomplishing a couple of specific goals.

1. Provide athletes with an easy way to monitor and share daily variables and stressors that influence athletic performance.

2. Provide professionals such as coaches, sport scientists and strength & conditioning staff with the tools needed to easily monitor an athletes status and development.

So what was included in this first release? While you may be more interested in some features more than others depending one the type of user you are (ex. coach vs. athlete), all of the features currently included in Sportably are available to any user who registers.

Athletes can…

  • Record daily monitoring variables such as body weight, resting heart rate, injuries, stress, sleep and many others.
  • A number of questionnaires and forms are available such as RPE (6-12 and 0-10), REST-Q 52 & 76, Total Quality Recovery (TQR) and several others.
  • Graph and export (into spreadsheet) all the items tracked overtime.
  • Join teams and share monitoring data with professionals responsible for designing and overseeing their athletic development and performance.

Professionals can…

  • Create, join and manage an unlimited number of teams. Whether it is a single team at any level or a college with numerous teams, Sportably can help streamline the athlete monitoring process.
  • Invite an unlimited number of athletes and professionals to a team.
  • View athlete/team data anytime, anywhere you are connected to the internet; even on mobile devices with a full html browser.
  • Create graphs and export athlete/team data over any date range.
  • Set-up automatic alerts that will notify you when the system detects signs of overtraining.
  • Athlete data can be archived for viewing when/if they leave a team.
  • As mentioned previously, professionals can also monitor their own training program if they are interested.

We hope you enjoy using Sportably and we are looking forward to some exciting new features in the near future.

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