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Off-season Training – Implementation and Challenges

We had a lot of fun hosting the NSCA Georgia State Clinic at Armstrong State University this year. Here is my presentation from the conference. Keep in mind this was certainly more about the challenges to implementation than the actual sets and reps. Click here to...

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Book – Monitoring Training and Performance in Athletes

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Book – Athletic Movement Skills: Training for Sports Performance

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Book – Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy

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Book – Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance

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Book – Periodization Training for Sports 3rd Edition

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jeremygentles  @jeremygentles
RT @CBaileyPhD:Just got the TSAC brochure "No time to test? So test while you train!" Should be a good one from @coniglio1918 & @jeremygentles @NSCA #TSAC 
jeremygentles  @jeremygentles
Would be nice if our gatekeepers/overlords of peer review would begin to transition from PDFs to EPUB.